Origins: Battletoads

Classification: Former human, alien frog mutant

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: At least town+ striking (Can damage building sized robots, can compete with Dark Queen and clashing with her shook her fortress. Comparable to the Double Dragons, whom are stronger than someone whom punched a man after he fell 400,000 kilometers in a matter of a couple minutes just as he came within meters of her.)

Destrutive capacity: At least building (At least town+ level potency)

Durability: City (Can take blows from Dark Queen)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Can react to Dark Queen)

Intelligence: Genius. Zitz is the leader of the toads, an admiror of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton due to their research despite being himself being borderline an inhuman genius. He is noted as tactical genius, computer genius, science genius, technical and robotics professor of all sciences. However he is also noted as having mental insanity and being a little on the edge, a true loser and creepy wierdo.

Stamina: Very high. Fights his way through Ragnarok nonstop (along the other Battletoads) to fight and defeat the Dark Queen.

Standard equipment: Multiple robotic gadgets created by himself

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