Zatch King

Origins: Konjiki no Gash! (Zatch Bell)

Classification: Mamodo (Demon)

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: At least mountain level striking, can amp himself to island+ level striking with Golden book (broke Clear Note's arm in a clash of their fists, Clear Note previously having shown island level strength by casually destroying a couple of mountain tops with a tail swipe)

Destructive capacity: Continent (IHas more firepower than Faudo and Brago. Gash had enough firepower to destroy Faudo before even getting his final arc power boosts. Faudo is so huge that mountains only reach up to his ankles), planet with Shin Berunwa Bao Zakeruga (is implied to be the strongest spell in the series, Clear Note had already attempted to destroy the planet with another spell)

Durability: Continent (Survived spells from Clear whom was easily plowing through multiple mountains with his mid tier spells)

Speed: Hypersonic, massively hypersonic reactions and attacks (Final arc has several 3 digit speed feats for spells, this would apply to Zatch as a top tier of his verse). Able to reach escape velocity travel and 4 digit attacks and reactions with Golden book.

Stamina: High. Has taken massive beatings and retained consciousness even after attacks basically flattened his meat to his bones.

Intelligence: Average. Rather dumb to be blunt early on, but becomes an effective combatant with plenty of experience and skill by the end of the series.

Standard equipment: His outfit is actually capable of being altered and usable in combat. During the series' events he relies on his spell book and Kiyomaro to recite the spells for him, but this doesn't apply to his end of series self.

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