Origins: Mirai Nikki

Classification: Human, God of time and space

  • GOTAS will be used as abbreviation of God of time and space

Threat level: Celestial

Physical strength: Immeasurable (unknown to what extent he can amplify his strength to, but Yuno as the GOTAS of her own universe was able to make a giant hole in Yukki's universe by smashing it with a giant hammer)

Destructive capacity: Universe+ (can destroy and create everything in the physical universe)

Durability: Universe+ (The power of the GOTAS is what sustains all the physical universe)

Speed: Human, but can control time/space and is nigh-omnipresent, so speed is of little relevance to a GOTAS who is in adequate conditions

Intelligence: Average. Yukki has little combat experience and is not much more than an average boy before becoming GOTAS.

Stamina: Extremely high. As a GOTAS he can live for at least thousands of years and be constantly using his powers during this time.

Standard equipment: Cellphone which served as his Future Diary (a tool which permitted him to get messaged about the soon to come future) before becoming GOTAS.

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