Origins: Murciélago

Classification: Human

Threat level: Wolf

Physical strength: Superhuman striking (Can compete with Kuroko)

Destructive capacity: At least street+ level

Durability: Wall+ (Took hits from Momoyama who tore down a steel door)

Speed: At least peak human+

Intelligence: Very high. A very capable fighter whom was able to give somewhat a fight to combat prodigies like Momoyama and Kuroko. Managed all her masters tasks which could include complicated labor like helping in the building of a mansion with complex traps. Was also capable of turning a disadvantageous fight around by effectively using traps with complicated usage to her benefit.

Stamina: Very high. Broken bones, internal organs damaged or also missing limbs dont stop Yukari in combat, she lacks the sense of pain and uses this to continue fighting however possible even if her body is damaged to the point regular humans would normally die.

Standard equipment: None notable.

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