Origins: Nisekoi

Alias/aka: Youko Honda (real name), Shinobu (name granted as head of the "Hidden guard")

Classification: Human, ninja

Threat level: Wolf+

Physical strength: Building+ (smashed Tsugumi through 3 thick wooden pillars with ease, made a large hole in a chapel wall by throwing her Kusari fundou at it from several meters away)

Destructive capacity: Building+ (capable of smashing walls)

Durability: Building+ (Took blows from Tsugumi without much damage)

Speed: Faster than the eye can see+ (casually deflected sub-sonic bullets with her Kusari fundou, dashed through a large chapel in about a second)

Intelligence: Genius. Prodigy whom became head of the "Hidden guard" (a ninja like group whom protects the powerful Tachibana family).

Stamina: High. Just as Tsugumi, she ended their fight without much damage nor exhaustion.

Standard equipment: Kusari fundou (a long chain with a spiky weight attached at the end), gun