Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable) 

Alias: Yoshikage Kira, Kosaku Kawajiri 

Classification: Human, Stand User 

Threat level: Demon 

Age: 33 

Gender: Male 

Powers and Abilities: Time manipulation, Bomb manipulation 

Physical Strength: City Block+ with individual strikes much higher with atomization (Equal to Josuke) 

Destructive Capacity: City (Comparable to Josuke), atomization ignores conventional durability 

Durability: City Block+ (Took several strikes from Crazy Diamond and kept fighting) 

Speed: Peak human for Kira, FTL+ for Killer Queen

Intelligence: Very high (Able to outsmart Rohan and friends) 

Stamina: Very High 

Standard equipment: Female hands 

Noteworthy techniques and abilities 

Kira's stand possesses 4 bomb types aside from the stands regular ability of just producing time and impact based explosives he has 3 more also. 

Sheer Heart Attack color

2nd bomb Sheer Heart Attack AKA homing bomb/indestructible bomb

Stray cat

3rd bomb Air bubbles AKA invisible bombs.

Tumblr m9w5tppBlh1qzbngeo1 500

4th and most powerful bomb Killer Queen Another one bites the dust. AKA temporal loop bomb.

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