Origins: Lovecraft Mythos

  • This page will be used for all versions of Yog-Sothoth unless there's clear differences in a specific verses incarnation

Classification: Outer God, The All-in-One and The One-in-All, The Supreme Archetype

Threat level: Omega+

  • Debatably a Threat level Omni, which would pit all his stats as Omniverse level

Physical strength: At least metaverse+

Destructive capacity: At least metaverse+

Durability: At least metaverse+

Speed: Immeasurable, Omnipresent (Fully omnipresent in Azathoth's dream which is everything)

Intelligence: At least nigh omniscient (Omniscient of all within Azathoth's dream)

Stamina: Limitless.

Standard equipment: N/A. (Nothing and everything would be both adequate descriptions as technically, he is part of everything in Azathoth's dream)

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