Origins: Bleach

Classification: Quincy King, Soul King (after absorbing the Soul King), Trascendental (higher dimensional spiritual being)

Threat level: Dragon || Maoh- || Maoh+ || God

Age: Over a thousand years old

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Flight (Type 1), Skillled Swordsmanship, Resistance to Power Nullification (Gave himself the "voice" after Ichibei tried to seal it, Ichibei also was not able to halve Yhwach's power), Soul Manipulation, Energy Absorption, Flawless Healing, Power Bestowal, Regeneration (Mid), Power Absorption || All previous abilities with Almighty. Almighty gives him Precognition, Immortality (Can "rewrite" the future where he died), Manipulation of Future events. Can manipulate Mimihagi black tendrils, Telepathy, Telekinesis

Physical strength: At least country+ level striking, likely higher || At least continent+, likely higher

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least continent+ (Attracted considerable amounts of the Seireitei all the way to the Soul King Palace and melded them together with the structures in the Soul King Palace to create "WahrWelth", a new "country". Is the absolute God tier of Bleach at the moment), likely moon+ || At least planet+ (Attempted to reshape Soul Society. Was stopped in the middle of the process.)

Durability: At least continent+ (His defense should be at least comparable to his attack potency while using Blut Vene) || At least moon, possibly planet

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+, likely sub-relativistic (reacted to Mimihagi, claiming himself more powerful) || At least massively hypersonic+, likely sub-relativistic || At least sub-relativistic (Absorbed Mimihagi and shot a black tendril down from SKP to SS in a short timeframe which could give results easily as high as relativistic) || At least sub-relativistic, likely higher (Even higher than prior as he absorbed the power of a drastically evolved Gerard, Jugram and even Ichigo's)

Intelligence: Genius. One of the smartest characters in Bleach, is a military commander with likely over 1000 years of experience in warfare, managing to bring the Gotei 13 and the Soul King's force to their knees. Has absorbed knowledge and power from beings ever since his birth which was likely around 2000 years ago. Posseses future sight and reality warping with his "The Almighty" schrift making him even deadlier in battle.

Stamina: Extremely high. Reformed from being cut in half, according to his own words being able to change even futures in which he dies.

Range: Thousands of Kilometers with Arrow Projections || Same as before || Planetary range, with which he has shown to affect mutiple dimensions at once || Same as before

Weaknesses: None notable || His precognition does not work on Mimihagi or Soul King || None notable (Absorbed both Mimihagi and Soul King, eleminating the only "Almighty" weakness) || None Notable

Standard equipment: Quincy cross (forms his sword from it), Medallion (A medallion made for stealing bankais. Yhwach stole Yamamoto's bankai, Zanka no Tachi with one of these medallions. Unknown if he has more at hand)

Key: Base || Eyes open/The Almighty || Soul King || Final battle

Noteworthy Techniques and Abilities

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