Aka: Bahamut

Origin: Tokyo Babel

Classification: Beast Invoked By Tendou Setsuna, Acausal entity, Higher-Dimensional being, conceptual being

Physical strength: Metaverse+ (He is enough strong for stomp YHVH and Uroboros together)

Threat level: Omega+

Powers and abilities: Reality Warping, causality manipulation including acausality, time manipulation, space manipulation, Higher-Dimensional manipulation, soul manipulation, can bypass durability, invincibility, he is beyond concept of defense, conceptual manipulation including attack/damage/defense/resistance conceptual, law manipulation, immortal

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Metaverse+ (He defeated easily Uroboros), can bypass durability via causality destruction/distortion

Speed: Immeasurable (he is faster than Uroboros)

Durability: Metaverse+ | via causality shifting he is invincible/beyond concept of defense so this make him very hard kill

Intelligence: Unknown

Stamina: Infinite

Standard equipment: None Notable


  • Causality Shifting: Yaldabaoth uses this power to become invincible, and can tank effortlessly conceptual attack/damage
  • Causality Distortion/Destruction: His Causality distortion is so strong that can destroy the causality and can defeat invincible being like YHVH or Uroboros