• ALL pages go exactly in the layout shown here.
  • ALL pages are to be locked immediately after their creation.
  • All profile pictures must come from an official/recognized source

A large image depicting the verse should go either in the center directly above the story section, or on the right side of the page.




A summary for the story of the verse goes here. 2 or 3 paragraphs should suffice.


A description on the verses overall power should be included here. It should preferibly cover the verses destructive capacity/attack potency, speed, number of relevant fighters, noteworthy weapons, growth potential, noteworthy weaknesses and if there is any special circumstances surrounding the verses combat capacity (example: most characters being glass cannons)

  • Only the above 2 are necessary to consider a verse page a "skeleton" (an acceptable, partially done page)


Characters of the verse are listed here, either by tiers or factions.

The general tier overview acceptable here would be:

- God tier

- Top tier

- High tier

- Mid tier

- Low tier

- Bottom tier

Fodder whom are irrelevant (example an average villager from East Blue in One Piece) are "trash tier". They arent applicable as a real fighting asset for the series and obviously should not be classified worthy of getting their own article.

Calcs, feats, etc.

Any calculations, respect threads, specific feats that are worth showing to give an idea of the verses capacity or anything of similar nature would go here.


Verse page must only be tagged with the following type of categories:

  • Verse category: Self explanatory. A verse page must be tagged in the " Verse " category.
  • Media category: What sort of media the verse originates from, examples: Live action, Comics, Animanga, Video game, Light novel, Visual novel, Animation, etc.
  • Specific verse: The verse must be tagged as the verse it is, like any other article belonging to said verse. Example: Toriko verse must be tagged with the Toriko category, Bleach much be tagged with the Bleach category, Keyman: The Hand of Judgement with the Keyman: The Hand of Judgement category, Demonbane with the Demonbane category, RWBY with the RWBY category, etc.

These and only these categories are what verse profile pages should be tagged with.

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