Origins: Dragon Ball

Classification: Saiya-jin(Saiyan), Fusion/Fused being

Threat level: Quasar || Celestial

Physical strength: At least solar system+ level striking (was overwhelming Buu's durability and exhausting his stamina with mere casual physical blows) || At least universe level striking

Destructive capacity: Likely multi solar system+, possibly even higher (Ridiculously higher than beings whom already dwarf likely solar system level beings, Vegito>>>>>Super Buu w/Gohan+Gotenks+Piccolo absorbed>>Mystic Gohan>>base Super Buu>>>Fat/Majin Buu>>Majin Vegeta>>Super Perfect Cell) || At least universe+, possibly low multiverse (somewhat superior to Supreme God Fusion Zamasu)

Durability: Likely multi solar system+, possibly even higher (Was by far strongest character in Dragon Ball universe till the introduction of Beerus, capable of tanking any attack thrown by him by any character ranked under himself) || At least universe+

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel, at least Faster Than Lightx combat (at least several times faster than Super Buu w/Gohan and co. absorbed) || At least TransUniversal+

Intelligence: High. Is a fusion which holds the best attributes of both Goku and Vegeta, two of the greatest battle genius in the universe. Showed capable of foreshight and planning ahead in his fight with Super Buu where he planned out and succesfully tricked his opponent to fulfill his goal.

Stamina: Very high. Just as Goku and Vegeta he can in base can go training for days straight, can also maintain Super Saiya-jin for days if he isn't required to waste considerable amounts of energy, similar scenario in Super Saiya-jin 2, although the energy consumption is about twice as fast. Super Saiya-jin 3 lasts at least several minutes in-combat but drains energy far faster than the previous two. Should be even higher than this as Vegito. The Potara earrings have a time limit on mortals, and depending how powerful the fusion they may consume the energy before the hour is up which is the case with Vegito. SSB Vegito consumes so much energy that the energy for the fusion only lasts a few minutes.

Standard equipment: Potara earrings

Key: Dragon Ball Z/Part 2 || Dragon Ball Super

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