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Origins: Dragon Ball

Classification: Saiya-jin(Saiyan), Super Saiyan God

Threat level: Big Bang+

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ level striking strength (comparable to SSGSS Goku, likely much higher as ki is 1/3rd physical energy)

Destructive capacity: At least nigh universal+ (comparable to SSGSS Goku)

Durability: Nigh universal+ (comparable to SSGSS Goku)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel, at least TransUniversal in all other speeds  (Comparable to SSGSS Goku, Vegeta at base was dodging lasers developed by CC, likely from Bulma herself whom at age 5 was capable of making FTL travel and making lasers which impressed Jako, a galactic patrolman. Super Saiya-jin boosts stats x50, Super Saiya-jin 3 boosts them x400, and Super Saiya-jin God boosts them by an unknown amount which is at least dozens of times higher than Super Saiya-jin 3)

Intelligence: High. Although degree of education is unknown, he is a battle genius, one of the biggest prodigies in the history of his warrior race. Since he is actually quite a calculating combatant (although not usually shown) it was pointed out by Whis how Vegeta's tendency to think to much actually held him back in direct combat.

Stamina: High. Comparable to Goku's. Can train for days straight and has only been downed by injuries that severely impede his body.

Standard equipment: Battle armor/vest which is considerably durable considering its an upgraded version of the ones used in Frieza's galactic army.

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