CGI TM12zach

Love and Peace!

Origins: Trigun

Classification:Energy Plant Cyborg

Threat level: God

Physical strength: City level+ (Comparable to knives Tentacle whips)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Town+ (One shotted the dongo brothers), Island (Comparable to Knive's casual blasts), Continent (Is above Thors Hammer Blast), Moon+|| Planet+ (His angel arm has hype of destroying Gun smoke, A gas giant planet)

Durability: Island+ || Continent+ || Planet+ (With automatic angel wings)

Speed: || Massively Hypersonic+ Travel speed (Knives flew around gun smoke and blew up Satliets in seconds) || Relativistic

Intelligence: Hyper genius. Outsmarted a computer which has been calculating the same thing over and over again for a million years.

Stamina: Very high.

Standard equipment: TriRevolver, Hand SMG, Wire.

Powers: Mind manipulation, Spacial Hax, BFR, Regeneration.

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