Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

Alias/Aka: Big-V, Filthyrich1

Classification: Human martial artist, founder and former head of the Dark Hand || Oni General

Threat level: Tiger, Demon+ with the Dragon Talisman || Tiger+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled martial artist, dragon fire manipulation with the Dragon Talisman || Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality, can travel though shadows, able to summon an endless supply of Shadowkhan.

Physical strength: Small building (able to compete with Jackie in H2H) || At least small building+ (the Crab Shadowkhan have at least building+ strength)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Small building, likely at least mountain+ with the Dragon Talisman (Valmont blasted a tunnel large enough to drive a small truck through from Fort Knox to the shore of the Ohio river which is over 100 miles, Jackie also blew a hole through Shendu's chest with the Dragon Talisman) || At least small building+ (the Crab Shadowkhan are at least building+)

Durability: At least small building (takes hits from superhuman characters frequently) || At least small building+ (the Crab Shadowkhan are at least building+)

Speed: At least hypersonic+ reactions and attack speed (can keep up with Jackie in combat and occasionally even get the better of him), higher with the Oni Mask (the Crab Shadowkhan have at least hypersonic+ reactions, attack speed and movement speed whilst in shadow form)

Intelligence: High, skilled martial artist and former head of an international crime syndicate. 

Stamina: High.

Range: Extended melee range with staff, at least hundreds of meters with Dragon Talisman || Melee range, likely planetary with Shadowkhan.

Weaknesses: None notable || His Oni Mask can be removed with the correct chi spell.

Standard equipment: Talismans on occasion and a cane which contains an electrical sword capable of easily cutting through steel, the cane also contains a tracker. Can summon an endless amount of Crab Shadowkhan while wearing the Oni Mask and Ninja Shadowkhan while Shendu is in control of his body.

Keys: Base/Dragon Talisman || Oni Mask

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Dragon Talisman: Shendu's power of combustion, it also allowed Valmont to fly although this ability was only demonstrated in that one episode.

Shendu's possesion: Shendu's possession granted Valmont increased stats as well as fire breath and knowledge of chi spells due to Shendu's knowledge. These were all applicable only while Shendu was in control of the body however.
Valmont - Shendu

Shendu's spirit visible in a mirror

Cat of Khartoum: This ancient artifact had the power of turning anyone it scratches into a cat-human hybrid thus increasing agility, balance, strength, speed and senses.


Cat of Khartoum

7th Oni Mask/Crab Khan: The Shadowkhan summoned by the 7th Oni General Mask. Valmont was only capable of summoning half of the Shadowkhan due to the mask being broken in half, nevertheless they were still extremely powerful and proved to be a considerable threat for Jackie even with only half of their form. The two halves of the Shadowkhan were capable of being unified however the wearers of both sides of the broken Oni Mask (the other being Jade) had to agree to do so. Just like all Shadowkhan, they can turn into and travel through shadow and have the ability to phase through solid matter.

  • 7th Oni General Mask
  • Valmont and Jade about to unify the two halves of the Crab Khan
  • The Crab Khan whole