Origins: OnePunch-Man

Threat level: Dragon-

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, flight, energy projection, shapeshifting, transformation.

Physical strength: Likely city+ level (didn't get strength feats but most beings of his disaster class are this high or higher)

Destructive capacity: At least city+ (destroyed the center of a city casually in base, he was ranked as a "Dragon class disaster" according to the databook which means he is a threat to more than just cities)

Durability: At least city+ (via scaling)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (via scaling)

Stamina: Unknown, likely high. Didnt seem to be exerting himself at all despite doing attacks that heavily ruined a city.

Intelligence: Unknown, likely high. Was allegedly a manifestation created by the will of Earth trying to destroy humanity for its mistreatment of the planet.

Standard equipment: None.