We get some good feats in this arc

Shinra Tensei

Crater width= 111.5 km (Considering how the entire village was destroyed)

  • a= b= 55.75 km
  • Gamabunta= 100 meters= 93px
  • Depth= 399px= 429 meters

Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 5590763733772954236 cc Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc E= 1198380206334232740634 Joules or 286 Gigatons of TNT - Island level

Sage Naruto flexes his new found power

Height of the rhino

Rhino throw
  • Ajisai, or the animal path= 1.556 meters= 32px
  • Rhino= 512px= 24.896 meters

Comparing this to a white rhino (height: 1.7-1.86 m, length: 3.7-4m, weight: 2300 kg) we get 24.896 height, 54.18541176470588244 length and 7223868 kg for Rhino


Rhino throw 1
  • Rhino length= 54.18541176470588244 meters= 68px
  • Panel height= 825px

Rhino= 2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35= 6.606217520954 degrees Distance= 469.43 meters DC Firstly the angle at which it was thrown Looks like 45 degree to me. So putting values in this projectile motion calculator velocity I get is 135.6987 m/s

KE= (1/2)mv^2= 66510647584 Joules or 16 Tons of TNT - City block level


W = F*d

  • W = Work= Energy
  • F = Force
  • d= Distance arm travelled

Assuming he moved his arm about 2 meters to accelerate the ball

66510647584 = F*2

F= 33255323792 N

G= m*g

  • G= Force
  • m= Mass
  • g= Gravitational acceleration= 9.8 m/s^2

m= G/g= 3393400387 kg or 3393400 tons - Class B

Another Shinra Tensei

The one he uses to push the toads outside of the village

Gamabunta= 100 meters in height

Comparing it to goliath frog, whose height is 32 cm (Assuming it stands straight like Naruto summonings) and Weight is 3 kg, We get the mass of Gamabunta as 91552734.375 kg


They were thrown out of konoha, which has a radius of 55.7758620689654927 km Assuming an angle of 45 degrees, we get speed as 739.571 m/s (I changed the "maximum height" till I got same radius)

KE= (1/2)mv^2= 25038082765548 Joules or 6 Kilotons of TNT

But Pain threw 3 of them (Who are bigger or similar to Gamabunta's size), so final value is 18 Kilotons - Town level

Chibaku Tensei

Firstly to find tree dimensions

  • First Panel
  • Second Panel

First Panel

  • Konan= 1.694 meters= 85px

Radius= 447px= 8.9 meters

The tree is circular with nagato at its center, so Width of the tree is 17.8 meters

Second Panel

  • Width= 17.8 meters= 81px
  • Height= 577px= 126.9 meters

Thats one fucking huge tree

Height of the Mountain

  • Tree= 126.9 meters= 6px
  • Mountain= 302px= 6388 meters

That white line is made by me for convinience sake btw

Note: The actual height of the mountain is 3500~ meters. I have extended the line more because in the next line I have scaled the mountain from tip to the border of the crater.


  • Mountain= 6388 meters= 111px
  • CT Crater= 1226px= 70558 meters
  • CT Diameter= 607px= 34933 meters

Radius= 17467 meters

  • CT Height= 729px= 41955 meters


Volume= (4/3)*Pi*r^3= 22321903019767 m^3

  • Density = 2500kg/m^3

Mass = Volume x Density = 55804757549419203 kg

U= mgh= 22944591856877183173251 Joules or 5.5 Teratons of TNT - Island+ level

Deva path speed

FRS crossed the crater in a second, so its speed is 70558 m/s or Mach 205 Deva pain also dodged it from a very short distance. We are going to calc that

  • First Panel
  • Second Panel

First Panel

  • Deva/Yahiko= 1.765 meters= 297px
  • His arm= 78px= 0.46 meter

Second Panel

  • His arm= 0.46 meter= 75px
  • FRS Distance from ground= 251px= 1.5 meters

Deva would at least have to cover this much distance to avoid FRS at the minimum, so this is our distance. Now to find how close FRS was to Deva when he dodged it

Deva speed-3
  • Deva's Arm= 0.46 meters= 179px
  • FRS distance from Deva= 88px= 0.23 meters

So in the time FRS covered 0.2~ meter, Deva jumped 1.55 meters so avoid it, which makes his speed about 7~ times faster than FRS, that is 529184 m/s or Mach 1543 - MHS+

Final Tally

Shinra Tensei (286 Gigatons - Island)

Rhino Throw (DC - 16 Tons [Ciy block], Lifting strength- 3393400 tons [Class B])

Casual Shinra Tensei (18 Kilotons - Town)

Chibaku Tensei (5.5 Teratons - Island+)

Deva Speed (Mach 1543 - MHS+)