Origins: Sailor Moon

Classification: Human, Sailor scout

Threat level: Big bang-

Physical strength: At least superhuman, likely massively higher (lacks concrete showings, but was able to resist the massive gravity of a planet that allegedly sucked in even light)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least galaxy+, likely higher (Capable of destroying the Galaxy Cauldron. could restore all the planets destroyed by Sailor Galaxia)

Durability: At least galaxy+, possibly higher (Could take attacks from Sailor Galaxia and Chaos)

Speed: MFTLx (Likely hundreds of billions of times the speed of light)

Intelligence: Below average. Usagi is noted for being academically dumb and an air head, however as the series progresses she becomes a efficient fighter.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: Silver Crystal/Millennium Crystal/Silver Moon Crystal (provides her basic power. She can call upon her future self to use the power of both the future and present crystal to double its power), The Holy Chalice (enables her to upgrade her power set and become Super Sailor Moon, though later on in the series she doesn't need it and can become Super Sailor Moon at will), Moon Stick/Moon Rod/Moon Kaleidoscope (uses it as her primary mode of attack, with this she shoots a beam of light that purifies evil things and heals normal people. It can be used as an offensive attack or can set up a barrier), Tiara (uses it as a boomerang can control the path and trajectory), Cosmos Crystal (as Sailor Cosmos Sailor Moon has the Cosmos Crystal)

Sailor Moon III