Origins: Bleach

Classification: Quincy, Quincy King's (Yhwach's) succesor, Stern Ritter Schutzstaffel (Elite guard), Stern Ritter "A"

Threat level: Demon, likely Maoh-

Physical: Likely island level striking (should scale at least to the other Elite's)

Destructive capacity: Multi block+, likely country (should scale at least to the other Elite's)

Durability: At least multi block+, likely country level (lacks durability showings, but should scale around to other top tiers)

Speed: Likely massively hypersonic+

Intelligence: Genius.

Stamina: High. Should be one of the highest in the series granted his tiering.

Standard equipment: Ginto, Quincy Cross, Seele Schneider, Hollow Bait, Silber Draht, Anti-Arrancar Mine, Sanrei Glove, Quincy Bangle, and Hakumen Kudashi

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