"The Heroine that NEVER gives up"
in-game description of Undyne



"You know what would be more valuable to everyone? IF YOU WERE DEAD!!! That's right human! Your countinued existance is a crime! Your life is all that stands between us and our freedom!"

Origins: Undertale

Alias/Aka: The Heroine that NEVER gives up, Head of the Royal Guard | The Undying

Classification: Fishwoman, Head of the Royal Guard | The Heroine

Threat level: Demon- | At least Celestial-

Age: Presumably between 19 and 28 (Her Undernet account is StrongFish91, making us assume she was born in 1991, the game takes place in 201X)

Gender: Female

Powers and abilities: Super-Human strength, Speed, Stamina, Soul Manipulation , Determination |

Physical strength: At least Building+ (able to suplex a huge boulder just because she can (in the middle of a fight) pounds the ground with her fist , is able to lift with ease over seven children, shakes an entire house with a stomp as she laughs, destroyed) | Universe+ (Only character able to take on a possessed villainous main character in a fair fight)

Destructive capacity: City+ by scaling with Tsunderplane's aerial strikes | Universe+ or far higher (only character able to take on in a fair fight the main character during the genocide run, who can casually one shot every monster)

Durability: Casual Wall+, possibly city+ level, Determination makes her hand to kill due to her not giving up her attempts to kill you | Planet+ or far higher (can resonate with every heart in the world)

Speed: FTL (able to outrun the main character who can dodge light beams with her armor on)

Intelligence: Average Intelligence, but believes animes are real due to Alphys making her believe so and she can be easily ticked off due to her hot headedness

Stamina: High, to the point she refuses to die for several turns despite her HP being 0 | Higher, possibly limitless

Standard equipment: Her amor and her energy spears

Notable techniques: Green Attacks (Undyne can turn your soul green and freeze it in place, forcing you to 'take danger head on' AKA block her attacks with a spear she gives you rather than dodge)

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The Heroine is here

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