Origins: Twilight of the Dark Master

Classification: Master (angel like race)

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: At least multi block+, likely much higher (has few quantifiable strength feats, but he and Takamiya are portrayed as being Godly to human comprehension so they're likely higher than whats shown via feats)

Destructive capacity: Moon (was stated to being capable of causing planetary devastation, he caused an explosion that was larger than the earth behind the moon, although the moon wasn't notably affected so its hard to quantify its full potential)

Durability: Moon (was in the center of Takamiya exploding which was capable of planetary devastation at least and came out of it with no visible life threatening damage)

Speed: At least relativistic+ (pushed himself and Takamiya to behind the moon in just a couple of seconds)

Intelligence: High

Stamina: High

Standard Equipment: None

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