Origins: Nisekoi

Alias/aka: Tsugumi Seishirou, Black Tiger

Classification: Human

Threat level: Wolf+

Physical strength: Building+ striking (capable of smashing concrete pillars, ripped a long bench off a chapel and threw it several meters, competed with Honda)

Destructive capacity: Building+ (capable of smashing walls and even a concrete pillar)

Durability: Building+ (took several blows from Honda, including being smashed through 3 thick wooden pillars and ended the fight without major damage)

Speed: Faster than the eye can see+ (can compete Honda whom casually bullet times given enough distance)

Intelligence: Genius. One of the smartest in her school and one of the best hitman in the world despite her young age. Posseses incredible skills at simple tasks like cooking, up to tasks like arming and disarming firearms at rapid pace even blindfolded. Her skills are such that despite her young age she is comparable to Honda.

Stamina: High. Superhuman in all regards, at least an equal to Honda whom wasnt exhausted nor seriously damaged after their fight.

Standard equipment: Gun (hidden in her sleeve, a Beretta M92), a silenced sub-sonic pistol with tranquilizer rounds, military knife

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