Origins: Black Cat

Alias/Aka(also known as): Black Cat

Classification: Human Sweeper (bounty hunter), former Time Guardian/Number XIII of Chronos

Threat level: Tiger+

Physical strength: At least large building+ (Capable of breaking Orichalcum which is the toughest material in Black Cat verse and competes with characters that do the same)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Variable, up to at least city block with Railgun 

Durability: Building, at least large building+ for Hades (Often uses his gun Hades to block attacks) 

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Fast enough to let a grenade go off in his hands and escape the blast. This being a beginning of series feat, he became much faster as the series progressed. Dodged beams of high-pitched sound waves at close range, can search an entire town in minutes, faster than Setsuki who barely but managed to dodge the Railgun from point blank range.)

Intelligence: High, combat genius. Was infamously known as Chronos' best assassin and always completed missions with 100% accuracy. Extremely skilled marksman, capable of hitting moving bullets and ricocheting his bullets off multiple surfaces in order to hit the target.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: His gun Hades which is made of Orichalcum and has a five meter long retractable wire leash inserted in the grip. Specialized bullets such as tranquilizers, Burst Bullets, Freeze Bullets etc. His cat collar/bell.