Origins: One Piece

Alias/aka: Trafalgar D. Water Law (full name, usually only known as Trafalgar Law), "Surgeon of Death"

Classification: Human pirate, Supernova (Worst generation pirate star), (former) Shichibukai, Devil fruit user (Paramecia type, modification/operation man)

Threat level: Dragon

Physical strength: At least city+ striking

Destructive capacity: Island (Not in a strict destructive sense however, this is the shown limit for his Room ability. Gamma knife left a heavy injury on Donquixote Doflamingo.)

Durability: Mountain (Survived blows from Doflamingo)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Observation haki grants him a sort of extra sense similar to spidey sense which lets him sense things slightly ahead of time. At close range reacted to Fujitora's meteors which are easily massively hypersonic+)

Intelligence: Very high. Likely a genius, implied to be one of the smartest characters shown. A crafty and insightful person even amongst the Supernova and Shichibukai. Formed a plan to take down Doflamingo and. Allegedly also elaborated another plan with 30% success rate to defeat the Yonkou, Kaido despite the huge difference in their powers.

Stamina: Very high. Was able to fight with Doflamingo and take several of his blows and gun shots only to shortly fight him later again despite still being wounded. Had his heart directly crushed to the point where he lost consciousness, only to recover shortly afterwards. In addition, he was also capable of enduring a prolonged beating from Vergo which resulted in him becoming severely bloody before defeating him in a single blow once Smoker had retrieved his heart.

Standard equipment: His sword Kikoku 

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