Origins: UQ Holder

Classification: Human, vampire, clone

Threat level: Tiger, Demon- via lightning absorbed Magia Erebea

Physical strength: Large building+ (Can easily wield a 500 ton sword)

Destructive capacity: Large building

Durability: Large building+ (His immortality makes him very difficult to keep down, he can rapidly regenerate even from being liquified)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Can reach massively hypersonic lightning speeds if he absorbs lightning energy via Magia Erebea)

Intelligence: Average. However he is a combat prodigy whom has received training for years from Evangeline.

Stamina: Extremely high. His body suffering damage means almost nothing to him as he can keep regenerating endlessly. Thus as long as his body has energy (which is alot) he can continue fighting)

Standard equipment: Gravity sword (A sentient sword that can alter its weight via gravity manipulation)

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