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Origins: Bleach

Classification: Shinigami, Gotei 13 captain (10th division)

Threat level: Demon+, Dragon+ with matured Bankai

Physical strength: At least multi block+ level striking, much higher with matured bankaii

Destructive capacity: At least city (one of the strongest captains raw reiatsu), at least country+ with matured bankai (Sliced through Hoffnung which took slashes from Nozarashi with only minor damage, froze Gerard's shield in its track despite being thrown by him. Froze Gerard himself for a moment without even touching him. It is worth noting that him cutting through Hoffnung is likely a combination of an increase in raw power and hax with his freezing making the sword more fragile.)

Durability: At least town+, at least city+ (Likely higher. Coming in direct contact with him causes nigh instant front on whatever touched him.)

Speed: At least high hypersonic+, at least massively hypersonic with matured Bankai (Reacted to Gerard's attacks without effort)

Intelligence: Genius. A prodigy only born every 1000 years, managed to become Captain at a record age, breaking Gin Ichimaru's previous record. An efficient combatant whom has kept up with skilled and experienced warriors like Tier Harribel. Also a efficient leader, being considered next in succession to captain promotion by Isshin Shiba despite being younger and lesser ranked than Rangiku Matsumoto at the time.

Stamina: Very high. Has managed to conclude battles in which hes had life threatening injuries such as having holes blown in his torso.

Standard equipment: His zanpakuto (Hyorinmaru)

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