In the world of Toriko the ongoing age is a gourmet age. The world is run by the demand of gourmet ingredients after Acacia stopped the world war with the ingredient known as "God". However, the world of Toriko is vast and dangerous, so in order to get rare ingredients special hunters are requiered, these hunters are known as "bishokuya". Toriko is a bishokuya, one of the most famous of them all being part of the bishokuya's called "the four heavenly kings". Toriko is on a quest to complete his dreamed full course, but in this world filled with giant and powerful beasts he cant do it alone, thus he sets out with Komatsu and the others to fulfill his ambition. Eventually the ride goes on scales far grander than what anyone would of imagined.


Its standing as a verse has it as currently one of the strongest manga verses that where ongoing in 2016. Strongly influenced by One Piece and Dragon Ball, it is an incrediblly vast verse with very strong beings in it. In Toriko-verse the capture/danger level of a beast usually gives a fair aproximate of its power, lv. 1 beasts requiered a group of heavily armed men to be hunted down, a lv. 5 beast is so strong that a modified super tank might not suffice, a lv.50 beast is easily faster than sound and likely strong enough to destroy hills, beasts that are lvl. 80 and higher are at least hypersonic+ city busters. Outside of Human world beasts above level 100 can be found, a being simply in the lv. 140 being strong enough to effortlessly resist an assault from satellite lasers potent enough to raze 10,000,000 kilometers of land (roughly a bit more than all of Europe's surface). The scaling in the verse is exponential going by lvs, creatures in the mid hundreds lvl range being common in gourmet World, the part of the planet inhabited by the most dangerous beasts. Highest lv shown so far in Toriko Earth is lv. 6600 which belongs to the Whale King Moon, one of the eight kings who rule gourmet world all which are at least large planet+. The speed currently is filled with beings ranging from sub-relativistic to faster than light speeds, and continent busters to toss around. The top tiers easily have large planet strength and destructive capacity, possibly even higher.

Toriko earth is incredibly larger than our version of earth and only 30% of its habitated by humans, that part known as the "human world", the other 70% is inhabitable for normal humans as it is too dangerous. That 70% that is impossible for normal humans to live in is known as the "gourmet world" and holds the most dangerous beasts in the planet.

Toriko ended recently with at least FTL speeds and large planet+, likely higher for the main cast which ended with capture levels of over 30,000. However that is far from the peak of the verse. In the final chapter we got implied the existence of beings at least star level that Toriko will likely encounter in sadly untold adventures. Not only that, we got revealed the existence of a race which where lightyears in size, 5 of them being who survived the Gourmet Big Bang, catched their flying "planetary full course" and establishing their own cosmic domains. Thus Toriko concluded with beings around universe level and likely swarms of galaxies worth of star or higher level beings making it near a bit the power of verses like Dragon Ball and Magi.

Calcs, feats, etc. 

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