Toneri - The Last

Tenseigan Chakra Mode


Classification: Ōtsutsuki (alien race)

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: At least island+ level striking (could fight Naruto somewhat evenly, although this was done after Naruto was considerably weakened)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Small Planet (Sliced the moon in half with a move he can do at least 2-3 times while he was accelerating speed of moon simultaneously to crash it on earth)

Durability: At least Small Planet (Survived a punch from Naruto. Same punch overpowered this attack)

Speed: At least Massively hypersonic+ in base, Sub relativistic in Tenseigan Mode (Fought Naruto somewhat evenly, can extend his blade at this speed)

Intelligence: High.

Stamina: Very high. One of the strongest beings in Naruto-verse, capable of sustaining a prolonged battle with Naruto.

Standard equipment: Energy Vessel and Moon Transportation Device

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