Originally based from OnePunch-Man's danger levels, this tier system will be provided to give an overall idea of the threat the being overall represents in combat.
  • Cub - Small threats of up to normal human standards
  • Wolf - Peak human threats or higher
  • Tiger - Threat to a small town
  • Demon - Threat to an entire city 
  • Dragon - Threat to even countries
  • Maoh - Threat to global civilization
  • God - Threat to the planet itself
  • Nova - Stellar threat
  • Quasar - Galactic threat
  • Big Bang - Threat to multiple galaxies and potentially the entire universe 

After the Big Bang class is passed we start reaching much higher territories of power, these will be denominated as:

  • Celestial - Universal to lower multiversal threat
  • Mobius - Solid multiversal threat
  • Omega - Metaversal threat, or anything above multiversal but under omniversal
  • Omni - Omniversals or fully omnipotent beings

Note that this is threat level, not solely busting/destructive capacity. So this being said although the destructive capacity of a being is very important when classifying there threat level, it is not the only factor taken into account.

- at the end of a class means the being is considerably weaker than most beings of the class hes categorized in.

+ at the end of a class means the being is much stronger than most beings of the class hes categorized in, or that he could potentially be categorized in a higher class.


Besides the threat levels it is also common to see the words "tier(s)" thrown around a lot in this wiki, and in vs in general. The system most commonly used here for tiers would be: God tier>Top tier>High tier>Mid tier>Low tier>Bottom tier Tiering is generally only pertinent to relevant beings in a verse, so normal or random fodder would likely not even reach a tiering. Example: Captain Kuro=One Piece bottom tier>>>One Piece random fodder aka normal human