Kung fu hustle-008

Origins: Kung Fu Hustle

Classification: Human martial artist

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: Large building+, likely city block (drives kicks to the ground with enough power to create shockwaves that demolish walls, knocks holes in walls just by brushing against them with his fists or feet, split a large amount of a casino floor in half with a guillotine kick, drove Sing through 8 walls and hit him high into the cloud line with his Kunlun Toad kung-fu, was overpowering both Landlord and Landlady)

Destructive capacity: Large building+, likely city block.

Durability: City block+ (able to shrug off attacks from Landlord and Landlady, fought Sing in a long battle and took many hits)

Speed: Hypersonic (caught a bullet at point blank range, his powerful counterattacks take only milliseconds to execute (they occur rapidly even when the film is playing in slow motion), and in the span of time it would take for a typical man to drive a single punch, he could perform a hundred or more. Easily kept up with both Landlord and Landlady at the same time.)

Intelligence: Expert at martial arts.

Stamina: Very high, had a long and tough battle with Sing.

Standard equipment: Lotus-shaped stabbing weapons bearing needles as last-resort weapons.

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