Origins: Akame Ga Kill!

Classification: Human assassin, Teigu user, Night Raid member

Threat level: Tiger || Demon || Demon

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced senses, ability to constantly evolve and adapt

Physical strength: At least Town (On par with Susano'o who could destroy parts of a valley completely) || At least City (Pushed the Giant imperial Teigu several hundreds of meters) || At least City, possibly City+ (Several times stronger than his previous form)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Town (Comparable to his physical strength) || At least City || At least City, likely City+

Durability: At least Town || At least City (Tanked several attacks and physically overwhelmed the Imperial Teigu) || At least City, likely City+, possibly Mountain (Incursio is a defensive Teigu with the ability to constantly evolve)

Speed: At least Hypersonic+ || Massively hypersonic (One of the fastest in the verse, has constantly made sonic booms with his blows and now he's even faster, characters in his verse have reacted to sniper fire. Scales to Akame who was able to dodge General Budo's lightning and keep up with Esdeath)

Intelligence: Average. Experienced fighter and also a trained assassin.

Stamina: Very high (Incursio forces Tatsumi's body to continue fighting even if all of his bones were to break)

Range: Melee

Standard equipment: Teigu - Incursio (which also comes with an auxiliary halberd)

Keys: Normal || Evolved Incursio || Dragonification