Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Human hero

Threat level: Dragon+

  • Likely Maoh-

Powers and abilities: Super strength, speed and durability, flight, telekinesis, wind manipulation

Physical strength: At least island+ level with telekinesis, likely country level (Lifted the Monster's Association HQ, which was 1500 meters deep underground, to hundreds of meters above ground.), possibly higher (restrained Monster Garou for a few seconds)

Destructive capacity: At least island+ (Lifted the Monster's Association HQ, which was 1500m deep underground, to hundreds of meters above ground. In a fight with Saitama she casually killed a Dragon class monster by flying through it), likely country, possibly higher (Stopped the bullets from Boros' ship. Even while weakened she restrained Monster Garou's initial stage for a few seconds.)

Durability: At least island+ with barriers, likely higher (should be comparable to her damage output)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+, likely sub-relativistic reactions (Clearly strongest known hero at the moment besides Saitama, somewhat kept up with Golden Sperm whom also somewhat kept up with Monster Garou in combat)

Stamina: High.

Intelligence: At least very high. A prodigy since a young age, however her overly high views of herself can cloud her judgement.

Standard equipment: None

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