• Omega Shenron Trans
    Syn Shenron is 1 star Shadow Dragon and Omega Shenron is Syn Shenron with the amplified power of the 7 Shadow Dragons

Origins: Dragon Ball GT

Classification: Dragon God, Shadow Dragon, Physical accumulation/manifestation of negative energy

  • Also self-proclaimed "God of destruction" in anime/GT verse

Threat level: Quasar+ || Big bang-

  • His negative energy would corrode the universe after a period of time

Powers and abilities:

Physical strength: At least multi solar system level striking (at least comparable to SSJ4 Goku) || At least multi solar system+ level striking, likely higher (far above SSJ4 Goku)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least multi solar system+ || At least Galaxy+, Universe+ over time (Shadow Dragons destroyed a galaxy in the past, his intense manifestation of negative energy would spread and eventually corrupt and destroy all in the universe including places like the Kaiohshin realm which is outside the physical universe)

Durability: At least multi solar system+ || At least galaxy (survived a Big Bang Kameha Meha from SSJ4 Gogeta, which even if done casually was much stronger than anything possible by SSJ4 Goku individually)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel (likely higher), at least massively faster than light+ combat speed || At least sub-relativistic+ travel (likely higher), at least massively faster than light+ combat speed

Intelligence: High. Showed to be cunning, managed to cheat death even when cornered by Nuova Shenron. Being a spawn of Shenron corrupted by negative energy he likely posseses knowledge comparable to that of Shenron himself.

Stamina: At least high. || Very high.

Range: Galactic || At least Galactic, likely Universal


Standard equipment: Dragon ball(s) infused into his own body

Key: Syn Shenron || Omega Shenron

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