Super Android 17

Origins: Dragon Ball GT

Classification: Android, Fusion/Fused being

Threat level: Quasar

Physical strength: At least star+ level striking strength (After absorbing SSJ4 Goku's maxed out Kamehameha x10 he likely surpassed that SSJ4 Goku which was massively stronger than SSJ4 Goku from Baby saga)

Destructive capacity: At least multi solar system+, likely much higher (Is a top tier in the Dragon Ball anime verse, which has beings which easily dwarf Vegito. Likely surpassed SSJ4 Goku from GT's 2nd half which was massively stronger than SSJ4 Goku from Baby saga)

Durability: At least multi solar system+ (capable of taking attacks from SSJ4 Goku), likely higher with energy absorption (absorbed a maxed out Kamehameha x10 from SSJ4 Goku) however his durability to purely physical attacks considerably lowers when absorbing energy (got pierced by a base Goku's Dragon fist, although this debatably could be PIS)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel, at least massively faster than light combat speed

Intelligence: High. Is a machine made by the 2 greatest genius known in Dragon Ball's anime universe, made to be as a being whose prowess in combat surpassed even Cell, Baby and GT Goku. Highly skilled and effective combatant, however when absorbing energy he might enter some sort of state of "power high" (he can get too immersed in the pleasure of his power rising)

Stamina: Immeasurable. As an android he doesn't tire and basically has limitless energy. His output also increments as he absorbs energy from his opponents and finally as an android he can continue fighting even with what could possibly be fatal damage.

Standard equipment: None besides his own android body.

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