Latest installment of Street Fighter


Street Fighter is one of Capcom's most popular franchises. It revolves around many expert martial artists around the world which due to certain events, like tournaments, make them end up crossing paths. The main character is the fighter Ryu, whom is on a quest to become a master and whom wishes to defeat Akuma.


Street Fighter is a verse with quite a variety of fighters, in both styles and power. Pretty much anyone relevant in the verse can bullet time. But if we talk about power, lowest tiers are only around small building level, high tiers are multi city block to town. However, the pinnacle of power of the verse presents an enormeous abyss in comparison to the tiers under it, all top tiers scaling around Akuma whom has island level and 4 digit mach feats. There is also Gill whom created a continent, but that isnt something that would apply to every other top tier. Although a series about martial artists, Street Fighter even has some decent guns in the hax department, like soul damaging attacks.

The verse becomes even stronger if counting non-canon, as in special appearances like the ones they had in Asura's Wrath Evil Ryu and Akuma present a challenge to some of Asura's mid game incarnations. Oni Akuma going as far as destroying the moon in his fight with Asura. Not to mention, it adds more high tier fighters like Garuda from spin-off's, whom was strong enough to give Akuma a run for his money.

Overall, Street Fighter is a decently strong verse that can easily compete with most fighting manga.

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