The serie follows the story of Tomoki Sakurai, a perverted high school boy who suddenly has his life interrupted when after a new "continent" appearing on the sky, a mysterious being appears before him. The mysterious being with the shape of an angel, strangely clings to Tomoki, and after "imprinting" he becomes her master. Thus begins the crazy adventures that follow Tomoki, after this being called an "angeloid" enters his life, eventually introducing even more angeloids (Nymph, Astrea, etc.) to his life and turning it upside down. What will be of Tomoki and everyone else after the appearance of these mysterious beings into there lives, and what are the mysteries surrounding them and "the continent in the sky"?

Apparently a light hearted romance comedy at first, Sora no Otoshimono takes a drastic turn of events about halfway through the serie. The conflict with Synapse, the "continent in the sky" leads to unexpected events which would have never been predicted at first.
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This verse is actually quite strong, angeloids possesing up to millions of tons of physical strength and hypersonic+ speeds. There are also swarms of country busters in the verse, and the top tiers are country+, being multiple times stronger than the country busters. Furthermore, angeloids posses decent level of technological hax.

Besides the head-on fighting capabilities of the verse, there is also a country+ lvl cannon, the wish cards which have up to planet level reality warping, and even much more high level tech. There is even a universe reset device, making this verse overall extremely powerful.

This verse does have 1 noteworthy weakness though, verses with vastly superior speed have a good possibility of taking them out before they can use their top weapons.

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