Origins: Dragon Ball

Classification: Human-Saiyan(Saiya-jin) hybrid

Threat level: Quasar-

Physical strength: At least large planet level striking strength

Destructive capacity: At least solar system+ (Stronger than Gotenks and Buu saga Goku)

Durability: At least star+ (Stronger than Gotenks and Buu saga Goku)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic travel, faster than light+ combat speed (Faster than Gotenks and Buu saga Goku)

Intelligence: High. Is good academically and also the highest natural prodigy known amongst saiyans. However, he is a pacifist so he doesn't exploit his full capacity as a fighter and is prone to losing himself to rage (specially in his years as an infant).

Stamina: High. In base can go training for days straight, can also maintain Super Saiya-jin for days if he isn't required to waste considerable amounts of energy. Thanks to his "Mystic/Ultimate" state, his Fusion/Super Buu saga to BoG saga incarnations don't require to use SSJ transformations to use his full power, he only requires to transform into SSJ states again till FnF where his extreme lack of training and inactivity has gotten him considerably out of shape.

Standard equipment: None notable.

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