Soma Cruz
Origins: Castlevania (Aria of Sorrow)

Classification: Human, Dracula's reincarnation, (potential) Lord of Darkness (only becomes such in one of the bad endings)

Threat level: God+, likely Celestial

Physical strength: At least planet+ level striking (As a top tier he scales to Galamoth whom basically pulverized the moon by crashing into it), likely much higher

Destructive capacity: At least planet+ (As the Lord of Darkness he is effectively the antythesis of God and thus obviously has planetary levels of powers at least. Galamoth turned the moon to space dust in Kid Dracula and Soma should scale to that due to being around Alucard and Dracula's tiers whom can beat Galamoth. Furthermore Soma also obtains Galamoth's soul.), likely universe+ (comparable to Dracula)

Durability: At least planet+ (Should be similar to his power output), likely universe+

Speed: At least Faster than light (There are FTL feats like Galamoth attacking the moon in around a second or him coming from the stars which other top tiers like Soma should scale to. Paranoia reflects lasers from mirrors and Soma canonically has to defeat him to continue. Kaiser Knuckle is described as moving at God speed.), possibly TransUniversal+

Intelligence: Very high. Level headed and anallytical, dealth with his situation having to fight monsters while having to learn to control his powers since just until before the games events he lead a normal life.

Stamina: High, regeneration should further help. Likely extremely high as Lord of Darkness.

Standard equipment: A wide variety of items

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