Sly Cooper

Origins: Sly Cooper

Alias/Aka: The Thief, Ringtail, The Ball, Sitting Duck, Major Muggshot

Classification: Humanoid raccoon, master thief

Threat level: Tiger

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled thief and cane user, electricity manipulation, time manipulation, gravity manipulation, hypnosis, invisibility.

Physical strength: At least building+ striking (capable of smashing large boulders, statues and vaults with ease, smashed apart Clockwerk's head)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Building+

Durability: At least building+ (can take hits from Carmelita's Shock pistol which blows cars up in a single shot and destroys large structures)

Speed: Subsonic with at least supersonic reflexes (can dodge shots from Carmelita and Clockwerk)

Intelligence: High, a master thief and expert in stealth.

Stamina: High.

Range: Extended melee range with cane, tens of meters with bombs, at least hundreds of meters with time stop, possibly higher.

Weaknesses: None notable.

Standard equipment: His cane and hat, smoke bombs, alarm clocks, paragliders, rage bombs, music boxes, mechanical dummies, rocket boots, several different disguises/outfits and flash bombs. Also usually has his van nearby.

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

  • Dive – Sly dives while twirling his cane and ends with a somersault. Can also be used in-air to slam down while swirling the cane.
  • Roll – Sly rolls at high speeds. Can also be electrified to damage enemies.
  • Slow – Slows down time (This includes his own movement speed)
  • Mine – Sly throws his hat, and detonates it with his cane.
  • Fast – Speeds up time (This includes his own movement speed)
  • Decoy – Sly tosses a black cardboard cutout of himself to confuse enemies.
  • Defy Gravity – Levitation and nullifies the effect of falling.
  • Stun – Sly hits his cane to the ground, causing all guards to freeze in time for a few seconds. This supposedly has planetary range.
  • Smoke Bomb – Sly sets off a bomb that blocks the enemy's line of sight. Perfect for a getaway.
  • Insanity Strike - Imbues his cane with a purple aura. Hitting a guard with the aura will give them insanity, causing them to attack other enemies
  • Voltage Attack - Electrically charges his cane, kills guards instantly.
  • Alarm Clock – Sly throws an Alarm Clock, which can distract an enemy.
  • Paraglider – Sly will launch a parachute while in the air. Makes for a good and smooth descent. Sly can also dive down and attack a target whilst paragliding.
  • Rage Bomb – Sly will throw a bomb. When it hits an enemy, that enemy will attack other fellow guards similar to Insanity Strike.
  • Music Box – Sly will throw a music box onto the ground. Guards near it will fall asleep.
  • Shadow Power – Sly will turn invisible, he can also use other abilities and attack while staying invisible.
  • Mega Jump – Gives Sly the ability to jump great distances and is an inherent ability of Inspector Carmelita Fox's.
  • TOM – Mechanical dummy that will attract guard's attention so that Sly can distract them. Identical in use to the Alarm Clock.
  • Rocket Boots – A quick getaway from enemies and a fast way to travel.
  • Push Attack (Level 3) – Sly twirls his cane 3 times while moving forward with the push. When an enemy gets hit by this attack, they are surrounded by a blue aura, and any enemy near them will be knocked out temporary.
  • Jump Attack (Level 3) –  Sly does three backflips in the air while shocking the enemy. A shockwave will occur shortly after the enemy is attacked. Any nearby enemies will be knocked out.
  • Flash Bomb – Sly throws out a Flash Bomb to stun the enemy.

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