Hes there...

Origins: ??? (Creepypasta, Slenderman Mythos)

Classification: Extra-dimensional being (not much is known about him to give exact classifications)

Threat level: Unknown, at least Tiger, likely Celestial (theorized by some to be a higher dimensional being preying on humans for fun)

Physical strength: Unknown, at least superhuman (likely altered depending on his target/victim)

Destructive capacity:  Unknown, at least wall (likely dimensional as hes teorized to be a higher dimensional being)

Durability: Unknown, at least building (can at least take conventional firearms like its nothing, likely much higher depending on how he incarnates)

Speed: Unknown, at least transonic (can avoid bullets), likely nigh omnipresent (simply appears wherever he wishes as he stalks his victim, even instantly changing spots in a moments notice)

Intelligence: Unknown (His actions and methods are for the most part incomprehensible to humans)

Stamina: Unknown, likely limitless.

Standard equipment: None known.

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