Origins: Kung Fu Hustle

Classification: Human, former gangster, martial artist

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: Large building+, likely city block (creates shock waves that demolish walls, knocks holes in walls just by brushing against them with his fists or feet, comparable to The Beast)

Destructive capacity: City block+

Durability: City block+ (fought The Beast in a long battle and took many hits), also has strong regeneration (fully recovered in a few hours from having all his bones broken, also recovered from being stabbed with three knives and bitten by two cobra's on the face before his powers had even been awakened)

Speed: Hypersonic (able to keep up with The Beast in combat)

Intelligence: Expert at martial arts.

Stamina: Very high, had a long and tough battle with The Beast after single handedly defeating the entire Axe Gang.

Standard equipment: None

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