Origins: Silent Knight Sho (Syow)

  • Note that this profile is likely not 100% accurate as this profile is made from raws which are still being translated, Sho/Syow could be in reality much higher

Classification: Human, Neo-society member

Threat level: Tiger+

Physical strength: At least large building+ striking (Headbutts harder than a Neo-Society Pachycephalosaurus since that being bashed its head in trying to headbutt Sho. 1st enemy Sho faced was a large building sized Neo-Society T-Rex, and Sho becomes dozens of times stronger shortly after)

Destructive capacity: At least building+

Durability: At least large building+ (can tank attacks from the above mentioned beings no problem)

Speed: At least hypersonic+, likely higher (Easily over a thousand times faster than ordinary humans, after images which seemed as if he was lightning the air where created by his movements)

Intelligence: Above average.

Standard equipment: Falcon armor