Shiro 2

Origins: Deadman Wonderland

Classification: Human, Deadman, Origin of all branches of sin

Threat level: Dragon

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, blood manipulation, flight, regeneration, immunity to poisons, can make other people Deadmen, vibration manipulation.

Physical strength: Superhuman level

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Island (Caused an 11.3 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale while trying to kill herself, wrecked Deadman Wonderland island)

Durability: Island (Survived her own suicide attempt which caused an 11.3 magnitude earthquake, albeit likely partially due to her regenerative abilities), regeneration makes her extremely difficult to keep down

Speed: At least supersonic+

Intelligence: Somewhat child like as Shiro (although with occasional glimpses of above average intellect). High in her true persona, being much more mature and cunning.

Stamina: At least very high.

Range: Several dozens of kilometres.

Weaknesses: Has dual personalities, The Mother Goose System restricts her powers and forces her back into the tamer "Shiro" personality.

Standard equipment: Her outfits.

  • Shiro in the anime
  • Shiro showcasing her regeneration