Origins: Magico

Classification: Human Wizard, Black magician, Sage ("Sage of The West")

Threat level: Maoh

Physical strength: Mountain level striking (although showings of strength are scarce, he has some good scaling and striking feats like breaking through a dimensional wall)

Destructive capacity: Continent+ (Overwhelmed magic intended to life wipe via [although not via a direct busting method] and the energy used in one of his attacks dwarfed an island and easily flared all the way to the mesosphere), Moon when boosted by Echidna (he normally doesn't have this boost however)

Durability: Continent+

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (4 digits) in travel speed with his fastest broom (he accidentally flew around the world in a few seconds) however his own speed is only around 3 digits

Intelligence: Genius. Despite his young age he is a sorcerer well known through out his entire continent due to his incredible skills and accomplishments. He is also a skilled fighter with plenty of experience.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: His brooms

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