Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

  • It should be noted that Shendu's powers did not originate as talismans but were instead turned into talismans when Shendu was sealed by Lo Pei.

Classification: Demon Sorcerer of Fire, dragon

Threat level: God-, Celestial- with The Book of Ages

Age: 900+

Gender: Male

Physical strength: At least mountain+, possibly higher with telekinesis (users of the Ox Talisman are capable of casually splitting mountains and Shendu even without the Ox Talisman is still far physically superior. Possibly higher with his telekinesis which is on par with Tso Lan's gravity manipulation who was able to stop a space station and was going to move the moon out of orbit with some prep)

Destructive capacity: Moon level, can bypass durability with the Monkey and Sheep Talismans, is also able to damage non-corporeal beings. Universal with The Book of Ages (was only used once, Shendu and his siblings were hesitant to use it's power)

Durability: Likely moon level (stated to be completely invulnerable to all current technology in his verse which is far more advanced than our own. Regeneration and immortality makes him difficult to put down for good, also becomes non-corporeal if his physical body is destroyed.)

Speed: Massively hypersonic (a space shuttle powered by the Rabbit Talisman traveled from a space station to the moon in a short time frame)

Intelligence: Genius. Has several hundred years worth of knowledge and experience, master sorcerer and combatant.

Stamina: Limitless.

Standard equipment: Can summon an endless amount of Ninja Shadowkhan.

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Twelve Talismans

The Twelve Talismans


  • Rooster: Levitation and telekinesis.
  • Ox: Strength.
  • Snake: Invisibility.
  • Rabbit: Speed.
  • Sheep: Astral projection and dream possession.
  • Dragon: Combustion.
  • Rat: Animation.
  • Horse: Healing and regeneration.
  • Monkey: Shapeshifting.
  • Dog: Immortality and rejuvenation.
  • Pig: Thermal vision and imaging.
  • Tiger: Balance.