Origins: One Piece

Alias/aka: Shanks, "Red-hair/Red-haired"

Classification: Human pirate, Yonko (pirate emperor)

Threat level: Dragon+

  • Shanks so far hasnt had any difficult fights and thus is likely even higher than whats noted here seeing as hes so high ranking in OP verse that he is considered a Yonkou

Physical strength: At least island+ level striking (can clash with Mihawk and even Whitebeard)

Destructive capacity: At least island+ (via scaling, his clash with Whitebeard split the sky for kilometers wide, intimidated Akainu into backing down, was noted to be capable of stopping post-Marineford Blackbeard)

Durability: At least island+ (via scaling, worth noting that some time in the past he faced Blackbeard and escaped with only the scar over his left eye and his haki coated blade could easily block Akainu's magma fist)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (Observation haki grants him a sort of extra sense similar to spidey sense which lets him sense things slightly ahead of time. Could keep up with Mihawk and Whitebeard, and even blitzed a blow from Akainu to intercept him hitting Cobby.)

Intelligence: At least high.

Stamina: Likely very high.

Standard equipment: Sword