Origins: K (K Project)

Classification: Human, Blue clansman

Threat level: Tiger-

Powers and abilities:

Physical strength: At least building (Casually leapt a distance of easily 10 meters give or take, can tear through concrete with her slashes, easily knocked down a large billboard while chasing Izumo Kunagi)

Destructive capacity: Building+

Durability: Building+

Speed: At least supersonic, likely higher (can keep up in combat with other high tier clansmen whom have casually bullet timed)

Intelligence: High. A good leader, second in command amongst the Blue clansman just under the Blue King Reisi Munakata himself. Also a capable field agent, showing the capacity and willingness to use any means necessary (such as; and even her sexual appeals) to achieve her mission.

Stamina: At least above average.

Range: Dozens of meters

Weaknesses: None specific

Standard equipment: Bellflower saber


Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Aura-Enhanced SlashWhen in combat, Seri combines both her Aura and swordsmanship to enhance her attack. She exerts her Aura enough to have it "shroud" over the blade of her saber. Seri then swings her saber and thus, ejects the Aura in a line determined by how she performed the action. It cuts across the ground and leaves behind a smoke trail, and in some cases, rupture to the ground itself.

Arrow Attack: She first exerts her Aura onto her saber's blade and swings it vertically, causing the Aura to eject in a vertical formation. Seri repeats the move but instead creates a horizontal slash. The Aura ejected from both strikes eventually intersect and form a fast-moving, spinning structure that develops into an blazing arrow. As with its less elaborate version of the technique, its results always leave behind a trail of smoke, though the damage it causes is determined by the terrain.