Origins: Butsu Zone

Classification: Buddha, Emissary of Bodhisatva Kanon

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: At least large building

Destructive capacity: At least large building, at least up to town+ with Riposte of Casuality (absorbs the energy from the enemy attack so its output is variable)

Durability: Town+ (a friendly adversary was willing to use a technique that destroyed a large hill's top against him, his body survived absorbing all of Asura's energy with the Riposte of Casuality without sending it back out aka he absorbed all the negative energy into himself directly)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (can casually catch barrages of gunfire, only using 3 of his many hands he managed to grab and rebel well over a dozen weapons thrown at him by another high tier fighter of his verse)

Intelligence: High, spiritually enlightened although somewhat outdated with modern times due to his occupation as a Buddha.

Standard equipment: Armor of Bodhisatva, Apparatus used to summon the armor at will

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