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Origins: Kill La Kill

Classification: Human, Goku uniform (kamui) user

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: At least city+

Destructive capacity: At least city+

Durability: At least city+

Speed: High hypersonic+

Intelligence: Genius. Leader of Honnouji academy and its elites. An outstanding prodigy since her youth shown by how she towered over and impressed the Elite 4 even in their specialties. Able to use Kamui's to a great extent even despite not being able to communicate with them and lead a secret operation to oppose Ragyo's COVERS plan.

Stamina: High. Far above that of an average human. Tolerated the strain of wearing Kamui's without visible strain and could compete equally with Ryuko up till late series.

Standard equipment: Junketsu (At one point in the series she briefly uses Senketsu instead and at end of series she doesn't have Junketsu anymore), Bakuzan (broken and reforged into Twin Bakuzan after the fight with Ragyo in Honnouji Academy)


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