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Origins: Naruto

Classification: Human ninja, Rikudo (user of the power of the 6 paths)

Threat level: Wolf+ || Wolf+ || Tiger- || Tiger+ || God-

Age: 12-13 (Pre timeskip) || 27 (EoS)

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chakra Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Duplication, Shapeshifting, Precognition, Power Mimicry, Summoning

Physical strength: Building level striking (Could overwhelm Demon brothers without much effort. Held superiority in Taijutsu since the start against Naruto) || At least Building level striking (Much stronger than before, on par with Lee without weights physically) || At least city block in base (On par with Base Naruto), higher with CS-1 (A single punch from him was strong enough to draw out blood from Base Naruto), much higher in CS2 (His power increases ten times) || At least city block+ (Far stronger than before) || Small planet+ (shown to be equal to Rikudo Naruto in Boruto the movie, if not just slightly weaker), Still has the Susano'o which amplifies his strength even further.

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Building physically, city block with katons (Since start of the series his katons were this powerful) || At least Building (Much stronger than before), city block with katons, higher with Chidori (Injured transformed Gaara with it, whom was not affected with his katons in the slightest) || City block+ (Managed to stalemate Base Naruto's Rasengan with his full powered Chidori, a feat which he was not able to perform in past), Higher with CS-1 (Stronger than Base Naruto), Town with CS-2 (Should be on par with other Sound 4, if not stronger) || Town+ with Kirin || At least Small planet+, likely higher (Fought Rikodu Naruto to a standstill. Still depicted to be equal to Naruto in Boruto Series)

Durability: At least Building || At least Building, likely higher (Trained his body to perform heavy taijutsu like Lee, which makes him considerably better than before overall. Was able to take attacks from transformed Gaara, however with injuries) || At least city block (On par with base Naruto), higher in released state, Town in CS-2 (Was at the epicenter of the blast caused by a clash between his enhanced chidori and One Tail Naruto's Rasengan) || At least city block+, higher when cursed seal activated || At least Small planet+

Speed: Supersonic (Superior to Demon brothers, whom are full fledged Chunins) || At least Supersonic+ (Should be at least comparable to Naruto in Base, Was able to casually dodge and out speed sound), likely hypersonic after training (As fast as Lee without weights who was able to perform Mach 3 feats casually) || Hypersonic in base (Equal to naruto, if not superior) with hypersonic+ reaction speed (Was able to follow movements of One Tail Naruto), Hypersonic+ in CS2 (On par with One Tail Naruto) || Massively hypersonic+ (Should be equal to Naruto) || At least Sub-relativistic , likely Relativistic (Equal to Naruto)

Intelligence: At least very high. Is highly gifted overall, a prodigy among an already prodigious clan and effectively a battle genius.

Stamina: High. Should at least be close to Naruto whom can easily resist physical labor for hours without end, likely much higher in his Rikudo form. 

Standard equipment: Kunai, shuriken, scrolls for weapons, hawk and snake summoning.

Keys: Start || Chunin Exams || Sasuke Retrival Arc || Post timeskip Base || Adult Sasuke

Sasuke Ninja Storm 4

Noteworthy techniques and abilities