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Origins: Naruto

Classification: Human ninja, Rikudo (user of the power of the 6 paths)

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: At least multi continent level striking, possibly higher (shown to be equal to Rikudo Naruto in Boruto the movie, if not just slightly weaker), Still has the Susano'o which amplifies his strength even further.

Destructive capacity: At least moon, likely higher, possibly small planet+

  • With Rikudo Naruto he can do a Chibaku tensei sealing which is at least moon or moon+

Durability: At least moon, likely higher, possibly small planet+

Speed: Sub-relativistic (a match for Naruto)

Intelligence: At least very high. Is highly gifted overall, a prodigy among an already prodigious clan and effectively a battle genius.

Stamina: High. Should at least be close to Naruto whom can easily resist physical labor for hours without end, likely much higher in his Rikudo form. 

Standard equipment: Kunai, shuriken, scrolls for weapons, hawk and snake summoning.

Sasuke Ninja Storm 4

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