Sanji Pre TS

Sanji Post TS

Origins: One Piece

Alias/Aka: Mr. Prince, the Hunter, "Black Leg" Sanji

Classification: Human pirate

Threat level: Wolf+ || Tiger- || Tiger || Tiger+ || Dragon-

Age: 19 (Pre Timeskip), 21 (Post Timeskip)

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Artist, Armament Haki increases his attack potency and Durability and enables him to harm Logia Devil Fruit Users, Precognition via Kenbunshoku Haki, Pseudo-Flight, Resistance to Fire, Can "run" inside water using his Blue Walk technique, able to widthstand high water pressure, Fire Manipulation

Physical strength: At least Building+ (Even his no name kicks can output this much energy) || At least City block+, likely higher (On par with Zoro) ||At least Multi block, higher with Dialbe Jambe || Town level striking strewngth with Class A lifting strength (Could kick blocks of building at high speeds and managed to harm Oars with it) || Mountain (Close or equal to Zoro)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Building+ (On par with Zoro) || At least City block+, likely higher (On par with Zoro) || At least Multi block (Matched Jabra for the majority of their fight), higher with Diable Jambe (His strongest move, also managed to two-shot Jabra with it) || Town (Deflected Gomu Goku No Bazooka from Oars) || Likely small mountain (Slicing, not directly busting)

Durability: At least Building+ (Took full powered strikes from Gin, even though he was considerably damaged with his fight against Pearl) || At least City block+ (Took strikes from Bon Clay, which were as strong as his own) || At least Multi block (Took several blows from Jyabura and could continue fighting) || Town (Survived Gatling from Oars) || Mountain (Can take hits at least as strong as his own)

Speed: Supersonic || Hypersonic+ || Massively Hypersonic (Faster than Kalifa evident when he blitzed her from 2 meters away. Also on par with Jabra who is superior to Kalifa) || Massively Hypersonic || At least massively hypersonic (At least high 3 digits)

Intelligence: High. An expert chef and prodigy at knife handling even if he almost never shows it in combat. A talented individual overall specially in cooking and combat, usually calm and analytical (not so much when females are involved, specially attractive females).

Stamina: Very high. Took a massive beating from Kalifa and proceeded to fight and defeat Jyabura whom was a rival to his own power. Scales at least near Zoro and Luffy by merit of being part of the "Monster Trio".

Range: Standard Melee Range with his normal kicks, hundreds of meters with his flames.

Weaknesses: Sanji refuses to use his upper body in battle except under special circumstances, he is a lecher and is often distracted by sufficiently attractive females, and refuses to hit any woman for any reason, even if it costs him his life.

Standard equipment: Doesnt carry them with him outside the kitchen but is a master at handling knifes

Keys: East Blue Saga || Alabasta Saga || Eniess Lobby || Thriller Bark/Sabaody Arc || Dressrosa Saga